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Review from the Necrozine

DELUGE - '...Of Plague and Conquest'
-Self Release

A Darkly uttered introduction lures us into the first track of
Deluges debut, self financed CD, '…Of Plague and Conquest',
then comes the onslaught; Ten tracks of thunderous, powerful
and brutal black metal, hybrid death metal mayhem. Driven by
the flurry of furious duel guitars, huge, omnious and often
catchy bass lines and hammering blasts the vocals dynamically
growled over the top create a killer metal mixture.

The band obviously draws from a wide range of influences,
both death and black metal however they disguise them
masterfully. They sound like no one, perhaps at times
Emperor; perhaps at times Keep of Kalessin, but deathier;
however then again not really. They manage to create their
own fairly unique sound which is a special thing. They are fast
and brutal yet dark, at times insane, at times slow and grinding
with chunky and very catchy songs.

This is a band with a huge sound and having seen them live
I would describe it as thunderous and omnious.
The CD does capture this sound, however I think the production
has not truly done justice to this bands sound in some parts
of the recording. Though being self financed CD they have
done well for themselves getting a strong, clear production and
presenting the CD with some lovely artwork indeed!

Deluge shows a lot of promise, there is some room for improvement
which will come naturally with time and experience but
If they continue song writing like this they will develop their
already strong and unique sound and will in the future no doubt
release some insane material. This is a killer debut, which is
well worth checking out! Look out for this band in
the future, they will be huge!
4 out of 5